Skagit County Democratic Officers

The leadership of the Skagit County Democrats is elected from the Central Committee of the Skagit County Democrats. The Central Committee comprises Precinct Committee Officers, who are elected during even number years.

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) information here

Executive Board

Chair Jeff Mount 614-327-2055
Vice Chair Lynn Campbell 360-428-6785
State Committeeman Jeremy Harrison-Smith 360-610-3093
State Committeewoman Rocio Lopez 360-941-4913
10th LD Representative Tammy Lanphere Oommen 360-630-6602
39th LD Representative Claus Joens 360-873-4183
40th LD Representative Janet McKinney 360-724-4913
1st District Commissioner Velit Seyfettin 360-293-9320
2nd District Commissioner Susan McLoud 336-392-0640
3rd District Commissioner John Smith 360-856-6901
Treasurer Cindy Lane 360-899-4317
Secretary Diane McKern 360-982-2201

Standing Committee Chairs

Finance Committee Chair – Donna Davison

Communications & Technology Committee Chair –

Gala & Auction Coordinator – Glenn Bordner

Membership Committee –

Resolutions Committee Chair –

Other Appointments

Headquarters Manager – Shirley Viscalla

Action Newsletter Editor – Don Ambrose