A message from Skagit Democrats Chair, Jeff Mount

“I was thirteen years old when Richard Nixon resigned as president. Having already seen a moon landing, Vietnam, Kent State, and multiple assassinations on television already in my life, it’s possible that a scandal big enough to force a president to resign didn’t seem like a big deal. It’s also possible that subsequent presidents have been even more corrupt than Nixon but have gotten away with it because our standards have changed. There has, however, never been a president as corrupt as Donald Trump and the Congress has a moral as well as a historical obligation, to impeach him.

We will hear much over the next weeks and months about the political ramifications of impeachment, especially as the process ebbs and flows to the benefit of one side or the other. The political drama has real consequences as many in Congress will see their prospects for re-election impacted and control of both houses of Congress, as well as the White House, could flip depending on what transpires. There is no way to predict how this process will change history.

But there is no alternative. A month ago when the web of corruption in the Trump administration was so tangled that there was no way to focus enough on any single thread to mount an aggressive prosecution, the moral imperative, great as it was, did not outweigh the political risk. Now, Trump has committed an abuse of power so egregious that he can be impeached solely on that single act. By attempting to use military aid as a tool to blackmail the president of Ukraine into investigating a potential political opponent, Trump has provided the Congress with grounds for impeachment so clear that failing to act is no longer an option.

It is doubtless true that Mitch McConnell will place political calculation above ethical considerations and continue to defend this indefensible president, which makes conviction in the Senate a long shot. It may even be true that this process mobilizes Republicans and helps them in next year’s elections. That only happens if we let it happen.  History only progresses in the right direction if people who do the right thing are rewarded for it and people who try to stop them are penalized. Democrats who try to prevent Donald Trump from sabotaging democracy are doing the right thing. It is our duty to support them.”