1. NEWPrimary ballots are due this Tuesday2. NEW40th Legislative District Democrats Executive Board meets Wednesday, Aug 7, 5:00pm – 7:30pm, Skagit County Democrats Headquarters, 300A South First Street, Mount Vernon

3. Volunteers Needed for the Skagit County Fair
Volunteers are needed to staff our Skagit County Democrats booth at the Skagit County Fair, Aug 10 for the 6:00pm – 10:00pm slot. Sign up at the Headquarters Office or call staff at 360-336-1555.

4. NEWThe Skagit County Democrats Central Committee meets Saturday, Aug 10, 10:00am, Headquarters Office, 300A South First Street, Mount Vernon
The main agenda item of our meeting will be the first of two steps to approve a revision of our bylaws. Our current bylaws require that we complete the reading of the bylaws and debate any further changes at this meeting so that they can be approved at our October meeting. For that reason, we will defer all other business on the agenda until the reading is completed.

5. NEWThe Young Democrats of Skagit County meets Saturday, Aug 10, 4:00pm – 6:00p, La Conner Brewing Company,117 First Street, La Conner

6. NEWDemocratic Women on the Rocks, Monday, Aug 12, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, 13 Moons Restaurant, Swinomish Casino, 12885 Casino Drive, Anacortes

7. Fidalgo Democrats meeting Tuesday, Aug 13, 7:00pm, Anacortes Public Library, 1220 10th Street, Anacortes.
“In the Shadow of Danger: Refinery Workers, Communities and Ecosystems” will be the topic.  Learn about proposed regulations to protect workers, communities, and ecosystems and about your opportunities to weigh in. Panelists will be representatives from a coalition of union and environmental groups working together to ensure strong safety regulations. They are Stephanie Celt, Washington State Policy Coordinator for the BlueGreen Alliance; Steve Garey, former refinery worker and former president of United Steel Workers Local 12-591; and Mary Ruth Holder, representative, Evergreen Islands. A moderated discussion will follow the presentation.

Washington State can and must establish stronger regulations to avoid catastrophic events. Even as we transition away from fossil fuels, strong updated safety rules–called “Process Safety Management”–are needed to protect workers in refinery operations, as well as communities near refineries and our fragile environment. Nine years after the fatal Tesoro explosion and fire in Anacortes, the state’s Department of Labor and Industries will soon give formal notice of rulemaking to strengthen the regulations aimed at preventing another catastrophic explosion and fire in Washington’s refineries.

Come learn how catastrophic incidents at refineries impact workers; why our communities and sensitive natural environment like Fidalgo Bay are also at risk; how California modernized its safety regulations and why Washingon must do the same. And, importantly, learn about your opportunity to help advocate for strong state rules. For more information contact Corinne at 360-293-7114.

8. NEWThe 10th Legislative District Democrats Executive Board meets Saturday, Aug 17, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Skagit County Democrats Headquarters, 300A South First Street, Mount Vernon

9. The 39th Legislative District Democrats are seeking volunteers to staff the Democrats’ booth at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe Aug 26 and Sep 1
We are looking for folks who can staff the table for four hour shifts. The Fair is in the heart of the 39th and will be a great opportunity for us to connect with voters in our district! Please sign up below!

10. Purchase opportunity to help the Skagit County Democrats – Portable Canvas Shed
We have, at the Skagit Democrats Headquarters in Mount Vernon, a large Portable Canvas Shed (Click Here), “ABBA SHED” 8’x14′. It is a large cover that can be used for a party, shed to store items, and other potential uses, like a large picnic. This item was donated by a great Democrat as part of the Gala auction. The proceeds from this Shed will be used in much needed Party expenses. The suggested value is $400. However, if you are interested, please do make an offer at/to Headquarters Staff, 360-366-1555. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

11. NEWA message from Skagit County Democrats Chair Jeff Mount
“To All Skagit Dems:

The theme of our gala this June was “Everybody Votes.” The premise behind that was simple: higher turnout means more Democrats win. The corollary to that is that when it’s time to vote, everybody votes. That time is now. There is a primary this Tuesday, August 6, and if you haven’t voted yet, your ballot is somewhere buried in that stack of mail on your kitchen counter. Get your pen, fill it out, and send it in. The state is covering the postage, so keep that stamp and use it to send your mom a birthday card.

Maybe you think you’re too busy to fill out your ballot. Maybe there’s just a school board position and a city council race, and you don’t recognize any of the names. Maybe it’s just a primary, so you can wait and see who gets past this week and then decide in November.

But maybe you should walk through the cemeteries in Arlington, Gettysburg, and Normandy and think about what those soldiers were willing to sacrifice so that you had a ballot to fill out, and then say that you’re too busy.

Maybe you should walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, and think about what people like John Lewis were willing to risk for the right to participate fully in the American dream, and then say that you haven’t gotten around to it.

Maybe you should go down to the southern border, and think about the people who are willing to walk hundreds of miles, and endure living in conditions that you wouldn’t put your dog through, just for a chance to have some of what we take for granted. Maybe you should go to Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania, and find the Democrats who didn’t think voting mattered enough to show up in 2016. Ask them if they still feel that way, after a hundred thousand no-shows in those states gave the election to Putin’s lackey.

There’s a football coach in the NFL that nobody likes, but he has a motto for his team that we should all remember: Do Your Job. If you haven’t turned in your ballot yet, you owe it to the candidates who have spent three months knocking on doors, to the kids who will live with the consequences of our votes, and to the people who have given more than we can even comprehend so that we have the right to fill out that ballot; to fill it out and turn it in.

Do your job.”

12. NEWLinks of the Week
The Link of the Week provides in-depth pieces the Editor has found to be relevant, insightful, and thorough on important issues of the day.


1. NEWSkagit County Fair, Wednesday – Saturday, Aug 7 – 10, Skagit County Fairgrounds, 479 West Taylor Street, Mount Vernon
Come visit our booth!2. NEWSkagit County Junior Livestock Sale, Friday, Aug 9, 6:00pm, Skagit County Fair Pavilion, 479 West Taylor Street, Mount Vernon
Please support our youth. This livestock auction is for students. Come and meet all of the exhibitors and see their projects during our social beginning at 5:30pm. You can observe first-hand the outcome of market projects and talk to exhibitors. Students are working hard on their animal projects raising lambs, beef, goats, pork, rabbits, and poultry. Exhibitors are learning animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, economics, business and marketing, as well as leadership skills. This experience is preparing them for a future as involved citizens, community leaders and wise decision makers.

3. NEWThe next Planned Parenthood rally is scheduled for Saturday, Aug 10, 11:00am – 12:00pm, 1805 East Division Street, Mount Vernon

4. NEW17th Annual BrewFest on the Skagit, Saturday, Aug 10, 4:00pm to 9:00pm, Skagit Riverwalk Park, Downtown Mount Vernon on the corner of Main & Myrtle Streets
Click Here for more information.

5. Skagit Habitat for Humanity’s Store is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a massive sale Tuesday, Aug 6 – Saturday, Aug 10
The store is located at 1022 Riverside Drive, Mount Vernon. Store hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm. Here’s the schedule of events for that week:

  • Tuesday, Aug 6: 30% off appliances
  • Wednesday, Aug 7: 30% off storewide
  • Thursday, Aug 8: 40% off storewide
  • Friday, Aug 9: 50% off storewide
  • Saturday, Aug 10: 60% off storewide

6. The League of Women Voters of Skagit County and Volunteers of America Skagit County Dispute Resolution Center are sponsoring “Civil Discourse Across The Aisle“, Monday Aug 12, 6:30pm – 8:00, Skagit PUD, 1415 Freeway Dr. Mt. Vernon
Get to know how the Washington 10th Legislative District Representatives work across the Aisle. Join us to hear from Norma Smith (Republican) and Dave Paul (Democrat).

7. NEWLabor Wars of the Northwest” Documentary, Wednesday, Sep 4, 5:45pm, Pickford Film Center, 1318 Bay Street, Bellingham
Tickets (available for purchase at the door or Click Here) are priced at $7 for the public, $5 for Pickford members and $3 for students with identification. Following the film, Pacific Northwest historian David Jepsen, who wrote and directed Labor Wars, and Conor Casey, Labor Archivist for the Labor Archives of Washington, will lead a discussion on labor issues and answer audience questions.


1. Listen to We Do the Work, Tuesdays, 5:00pm, and Sundays, 5:30pm at KSVR, 91.7 FM or KSVU, 90.1 FM
A weekly local worker radio program that features news, interviews, music, and comments, “We Do the Work” believes American workers are at the heart of our economy and culture, deserving dignity, respect, and a decent family wage. To hear our other shows, go to We Do The Work Archives. Questions about interviews? Email – – We Do The Work’s program for Tuesday, Aug 6, 5:00pm and Sunday, Aug 11, 5:30pm – Joe Kendo, Government Affairs Director of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Interview by Lori Province: Joe gives the highlights of the 2019 Washington State legislature labor bills. For more information, go to,, or email Joe at

We Do The Work Comments:

  • What does it mean to be a conservative today?
  • Post-doctoral workers win the right to bargain.

2. Listen to Speak Up! Speak Out! Radio
Listen to Speak Up! Speak Out! – a half hour weekly radio show committed to community, peace, justice, and non-violence issues – on KSVR, 91.7 FM in Mt. Vernon; KSVU, 90.1 FM in Hamilton. Airs Wednesday at 5:00pm on both, Thursday at 8:00am on KSVU and Sunday at 5:00pm for both. Our shows are available online. Stream or download a show at anytime. Interested in getting SUSO e-News? Contact

3. Coffee ‘n Cards
All are invited to drop in (for any length of time). Coffee ‘n Cards is now operating from 10:00am – 12:00pm each Monday at the Skagit Democrats Headquarters. Sending postcards to give a PoB (Pat on the Back), oppose/support a specific issue, or occasional SOY (Shame On You) to deserving individuals or groups is a positive way to react to the negative news from Trump administration. Colorful postcards, pens and topic cards with addresses are provided, stamps sold 3/$1, and you bring your own coffee! Return address labels for your cards are timesavers. We have sent out an average of 50 cards per week, since the first of the year to local, state, and national lawmakers, government officials, individuals and groups.

Card writers needed from the 39th Legislative District! Your 3 legislators consistently vote against any environmental legislation (just one example). They need to know their CONSTITUENTS are watching and are wanting to see a greener Washington. Your voice needs to be heard in Olympia. Tally: 2019 – 1,454, grand total – 6,048.

4. Anacortes Weekly Demonstrations
Do you have a cause or a candidate that you are passionate about? If yes, join us at the “protest corner” in Anacortes, 12th Street and Commercial Avenue (the Safeway Corner) EVERY Sunday from 12:00pm – 1:00pm – wet or sunny, hot or cold, all year around. Bring your own signs or use one of our extras.