A message from Jeff Mount, Chair, Skagit County Democrats

Every once in a while, we forget that we are the party of ideals. An example of this was last year’s race for the vacant seat in the State Legislature representing the 40th LD. Rather than run a race based on issues and competence, there was a barrage of rumors and insults that eclipsed what could have been an opportunity to show the electorate how they could improve their lives by voting for Democrats.

The good news is that it didn’t work. The bad news is that it is happening again. We have a wonderful slate of candidates for the special election for the State Senate seat in the 40th district. They represent a diversity of views, skills, and backgrounds that will help to ensure that everyone is heard and all concerns are addressed. There can be nothing better for the party or the people of the 40th to have a robust debate on the future of our region and our state. Because, when voters are deciding on the issues, Democrats win. There are those, however, who don’t want this to be decided by the issues. There are those who would rather rely on the same tactics that failed last year.

This needs to stop. Anything that divides Democrats helps Republicans – if not in this race, then in races down the road. If nothing else, people trying to decide whether to enlist in our cause who hear this garbage would be justified in staying as far away as possible. This includes people trying to decide whether to run for office. It is the height of arrogance to think that winning one race is worth that price.

We’ll give the benefit of the doubt and assume that none of this is happening at the behest of campaigns, and that candidates are unaware of what is being said. But once they read this, that is no longer the case. I believe it is reasonable to assume that the type of leadership a candidate displays during the campaign is a good predictor of the leadership that candidate will show in the legislature if elected. As county chair, I therefore call on all candidates to take ownership of the tone of their campaign, condemn these tactics, and distance themselves from anyone who employs false or malicious rumors as a campaign tactic on their behalf.

Indivisible has asked every Democratic presidential candidate to sign a pledge to engage in a positive campaign:
Make the primary constructive. We’ll make the primary election about our hopes for the future, and a robust debate of values, vision and the contest of ideas. We’ll remain grounded in our shared values, even if we support different candidates. Seventeen of the 24 declared Democratic presidential candidates have signed the pledge. If they can do it, why can’t we?