Public Hospital District 1 Board Position

Consider Running for a Public Hospital District 1 Board position!

Public hospital districts fulfill a vital role in the state’s healthcare system. Without them many people would be unable to receive healthcare in their own communities. Hospital districts are authorized not only to operate a hospital but also to deliver any service to help people stay healthy – physically, socially, and mentally. Because they’re owned and governed by local citizens, hospital districts tailor their services to meet the unique needs of their individual communities. It is this community-based mission that defines and distinguishes hospital districts from other healthcare entities.

  • This Election Cycle is now about voting for the best candidates.

In the future, consider running for a public hospital district board position:

  • Must live within the boundaries of Public Hospital District 1 (PHD 1) and not be an employee of Skagit Regional Health.
  • Filings are approximately in the 2 week in May (meaning a candidate must have filed with the county by the end of that week).
  • Usually meetings are once a month, and tend to last 1-4 hours, though on occasion an additional meeting may be called.
  • They meet 4th Friday of every month from 8 am – noon (approx.) except Nov and Dec which is the 3rd Friday of the month
  • The Board has consistently prioritized profit and maintaining their positions over the wellbeing of the patients, employees, and community. We need new leadership that will put this hospital back on track. Some members of the current board need to recognize the medical staff, employees, volunteers and other health professionals as their most important resource and to support a culture of teamwork, continuous improvement, and service excellence.
  • In last election three seats were up. One ran unopposed and received roughly 6,000 votes. One was 52% to 48% with roughly 8,000 votes, and the other was 51.26% to 48.74% with roughly 8,000 votes.

If you’re thinking about running, a great first step would be to reach out to the union that represents the workers at Skagit who show up day in and day out to help their patients and their community.