Precincts Without a PCO

Support the Skagit County Democrats by becoming a Precinct Committee Officer.

To find your precinct, enter your name and date of birth in the online Washington State MyVote application.

You can also click on the link below to go to the Skagit County Precinct Map. In the left Vertical Side Bar, click on ‘Layer List’ and then click on County Boundary, Tax Parcel No, Situs Address, Tax Parcels, and Voting Precincts. Then go back to the left Vertical Side Bar, click on ‘Search’ to open up a form to search for an address or parcel number or by owner’s name to find what precinct an address is in.

Precincts Without PCOs, Captains Can Be Replaced by a Appointed PCO, PCOs must live in the precinct, captains do not.