Skagit County Democratic Officers

The leadership of the Skagit County Democrats is elected from the Central Committee of the Skagit County Democrats. The Central Committee comprises Precinct Committee Officers, who are elected during even number years.

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) information here

Executive Board

Chair: Bob Doll –

Vice Chair: Rita Sullivan –

Secretary: Spencer Lively –

Treasurer: Jeff Mount –

State Committee Woman: Lona Wilbur –

State Committee Man: Marc Oommen –

Representative, Commissioner District 1: Velit Seyfettin –

Representative, Commissioner District 2: Peter Chipalla –

Representative, Commissioner District 3: John Smith –

Representative, 10th Legislative District: Jan Robinson –

Representative, 39th Legislative District: Donna Davison –

Representative, 40th Legislative District: Janet McKinney –


Standing Committee Chairs

Finance Committee Chair – Donna Davison

Communications & Technology Committee Chair – Bob Doll

Gala & Auction Coordinator – Glenn Bordner

Membership Committee – Rita Sullivan, Temporary Chair

Resolutions Committee Chair – Gail Nicolls

Other Appointments

Headquarters Manager – Shirley Viscalla –

Action Newsletter Editor – Don Ambrose –