There were a total of 444 ballots that could
not be counted in the August Primary

  • 98 ballots uncounted at certification because the signature could not be confirmed after mail and telephone reminders.
  • 206 ballots could not be counted because the ballot envelope was not signed. Without a return address and/or phone number there was no way to contact the voter.
  • 140 ballots had a postmark past the election date and could not be counted. Put your ballot in the mail a couple of days before election day or hand carry it into the post office to be hand cancelled.

Sign your ballot envelope.
Every signature is manually compared to the signature on file.

A phone number and return address can help with the signature problems.

Mail your ballot a couple of days before they are due.  Carry it into the Post Office to get it hand cancelled if your mail it on election day.

The ballot boxes are locked at 8:00pm sharp on election day. NO ballots submitted after that time will be counted.