1. Reception in support of 2nd Congressional District Representative Rick Larsen, Wednesday, Aug 28, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Bad Dog Distillery, 19109 63rd Avenue Northeast, Arlington
Please RSVP to Zach Martin at 360-797-9256 or zach@ricklarsen.org2. Northwest Washington Central Labor Council’s Labor Day Picnic, Monday, Sep 2, Noon to 4:00pm, Riverfront Park, 901 River Road, Sedro-Woolley
Music, Burgers, Chicken, and Salmon provided by the NWWCLC. Bring a side dish!

3. NEWReception supporting 2nd Congressional District Representative Rick Larsen, Monday, Sep 5, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, at the home of Joe Mosolino
Address will be provided upon RSVP. Please RSVP to Zach Martin at 360-797-9256 or

4. NEW10th Legislative District Executive Board meets Saturday, Sep 7, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Skagit County Democrats Headquarters, 300A South First Street, Mount Vernon

5. NEW40th Legislative District Democrats Special Meeting, Sunday, Sep 8, Noon, Localgroup Studio, 221 Prospect Street, Bellingham
“This is a Special Meeting to elect a new Chair and Whatcom Vice-Chair for the 40th LD Democrats. 40th LD elected and appointed PCOs please RSVP to Linda Winter Pace at because it is vital we have a quorum.

There is an important update regarding eligible voters at the upcoming Special Meeting that needs to be communicated.  The 40th LD sent out two previous emails about the Special Meeting stating that only Elected PCOs may vote on the election of officers.  This is in accordance with the 40th Bylaws, and does hold true for the January Re-Org.  After consulting with the State Party, we now know that, according to the WSDCC Bylaws, Appointed PCOs are eligible to vote on elections of officers that occur after the Re-Org.   State Party Bylaws supersede local organization Bylaws.  So, on September 8th, both Elected PCOs and Appointed PCOs in the 40th LD will be allowed to vote on the removal of an elected officer and the election of new officers.

The purpose of this meeting is to vote on the removal of the current Chair, elect a new Chair, and (for the Whatcom PCOs) elect a new Whatcom Vice-Chair.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in running for either Chair or Whatcom Vice-Chair, please send an email to and please include “40th LD” in the subject. We need some people to step up for these positions! If you have thought about getting more involved in the 40th LD Democrats, now is the time!” Click Here to review the 40th LD ByLaws.

The information below regarding the duties of the Chair and Vice-Chair is taken from the 40th Bylaws.  If you, or someone you know, are interested in running for either Chair or Whatcom Vice-Chair, send me an email at and please include “40th LD” in the subject.

Linda Winter Pace, Acting Chair, 40th LD Democrats

40th LD Party Office Duties & Responsibilities

The officers elected to the 40th Legislative District Executive Board represent a large geographical area ranging from as far north as downtown Bellingham to as far south as Burlington to as far west as San Juan Islands and as far east as Acme. It is important these persons be actively involved with the Party and its betterment, as well as being willing and able to devote time and energy to its activities.


The Chair is the central figure of the LD Democratic Party. This person must have considerable organizational skills and be respected by party members. The Chair calls and presides at meetings of the executive committee as well as general membership meetings. He or she is responsible for arrangements for re-organization meetings, special elections, and ultimately any and all functions of the Party.

Specific Duties:

1) The Chair shall, as soon as possible after the reorganization meeting, appoint the various committee chairpersons and solicit volunteers for committees.

2) The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee, and shall have the power and the duty to appoint such additional committees as are deemed necessary for the effective operation of the Fortieth District Organization.

3) The outgoing Chair shall arrange the Reorganization Meeting and preside over the election of the new Chair. Upon the election of the new Chair, the outgoing chair shall relinquish control of the meeting to the incoming chair.

4) The incoming Chair shall preside over the remainder of the Reorganization Meeting and perform such other duties as normally pertain to the office of the District Chair.

5) The Chair shall have the power to appoint an assistant to any officer whenever, in his or her opinion such an assistant is necessary or beneficial.

6) The Chair shall be the chairperson of the Executive Board.

7) The Chair shall be the Public Relations officer of the Fortieth District Organization.


Vice Chairs

The First Vice Chair assumes the role of Chair when the Chair is unavailable. Ideally, this person would assist the Chair in their roles and responsibilities.


The 40th LD has 3 Vice Chairs–one for each county (Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan). Each Vice Chair is responsible for attending the Democratic meetings of the county they represent and reporting back to the 40th District. This is important because the 40th represents 3 counties and we try to avoid overlapping our events with county and neighboring LD organizations. In addition, there may be duties specific to each County Organization.

Specific Duties:

The Vice-chairs shall aid the Chair of the District Organization and shall in the absence of the Chair, preside over meetings as stated in the aforementioned section. Vice-chairs  shall serve as liaisons to their respective counties. One Vice-chair shall be appointed each calendar year to the position of First Vice-chair, the term of which shall expire at the end of each calendar year. The First Vice-chair shall assist the chair by carrying out those responsibilities delegated by the Chair and will preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair.

The Whatcom Vice-Chair is a voting member of the Executive Boards of the Whatcom Democrats and the 40th LD Democrats, and as such, is expected to attend the meetings and be a paid member or a PCO of both organizations. Also, the Whatcom Vice-Chair represents the 40th LD on the Whatcom Democrats Candidate Committee and the Whatcom Democrats Crosstalk Committee if the Chair doesn’t live in Whatcom County or the Chair asks the Vice-Chair to be the 40th LD representative on one or both of those committees.

6. NEWDemocratic Women on the Rocks, Monday, Sep 9, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, 13 Moons Restaurant, Swinomish Casino, 12885 Casino Drive, Anacortes  

7. NEWFidalgo Democrats meet Tuesday, Sep 10, 7:00pm, Anacortes Public Library, 1220 10th Street, Anacortes
“The Decline of the Free Press” will be the topic for Professor Kurt Dunbar of Skagit Valley College, followed by a moderated discussion. Please bring friends, family, or colleagues. Help yourself to coffee and cookies. Also, bring a non-perishable item for the food bank donation box. For more information call Corinne at 360-293-7114. Our meetings are lively!

8. NEWThe Skagit County Democrats Executive Board meets Saturday, Sep 14, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Skagit County Democrats Headquarters, 300A South First Street, Mount Vernon

9. NEW39th Legislative District Democrats General Meeting, Saturday, Sep 14, 10:00am – 1:00pm, Stillaguamish Conference Room, 154 West Cox Street, Arlington
The agenda will include election of vacant Executive Board positions and a presentation by Snohomish County Assessor Linda Hjelle.

10. The 10th Legislative District Democrats 1st annual Grilled Salmon Picnic, Saturday Sep 14, 1:00pm – 5:00pm, Pioneer Park, 1200 South 4th Street, La Conner
Tickets are $25 (includes salmon dinner with corn or fresh seasonal vegetable, a variety of salads, drinks, and desserts). Beer and wine will be available. There will be a few political speeches, a silent auction and a raffle, as well as music by singer-songwriters Steve DeHaven and Gary Kanter. Tickets may be purchased on Brown Paper Tickets (

11. Purchase opportunity to help the Skagit County Democrats – Portable Canvas Shed
We have, at the Skagit Democrats Headquarters in Mount Vernon, a large Portable Canvas Shed (Click Here), “ABBA SHED” 8’x14′. It is a large cover that can be used for a party, shed to store items, and other potential uses, like a large picnic. This item was donated by a great Democrat as part of the Gala auction. The proceeds from this Shed will be used in much needed Party expenses. The suggested value is $400. However, if you are interested, please do make an offer at/to Headquarters Staff, 360-366-1555. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

12. NEWA message from Skagit County Democrats Chair Jeff Mount
It is difficult to spend time anywhere in Skagit County without coming face to face with the reality of homelessness. It is also difficult to attend any meetings about the subject without coming away feeling like this is a hopeless problem that is saved from being much worse only by the heroic efforts of service providers at places like Friendship House and Oasis Youth Center.

That feeling is real, as far as it goes. The people who work at those places do amazing things at great personal sacrifice to help people who are down on their luck. And, under the current circumstances, homelessness is an intractable problem. That means that:

  • Homelessness cannot be solved as long as we operate under the premise that the greatest problem facing this country is that millionaires and billionaires are overburdened by taxes;
  • Homelessness cannot be solved as long as programs that help improve the lives of Americans have a lower priority than programs that improve the Pentagon’s ability to obliterate other countries several times over;
  • Homelessness will not be solved until we stop regarding places like Iran and North Korea as bigger threats to our wellbeing than what is happening right under our noses;
  • Homelessness cannot be solved as long as we treat people living on the streets as a law enforcement issue rather than a societal failure;
  • Homelessness cannot be solved as long as we assume that if we deny basic services to people who are suffering, they will go back to Seattle or Bellingham;
  • Homelessness will not be solved until we regard helping children as an investment rather than a burden, and realize that a dollar spent on educating, sheltering, and protecting a child today will pay us back a hundred times over in what that child can contribute in the future;
  • Homelessness will not be solved until we, like every other developed country on earth, create a social safety net so that a job loss, illness, or divorce doesn’t spiral into chronic homelessness;
  • Homelessness will not be solved until we admit that, in a country with a per capita GDP of almost $60,000, there is more than enough money to fix this, or that for a country that is thirteenth in the world in per capita GDP to have a higher proportion of its people living in poverty than 42 other countries, including Albania, with a per capita GDP less than a third of ours, is nothing less than shameful;
  • Homelessness will not be solved until our politicians understand that the measure of a society is how it helps its most unfortunate, and that if they fail to do so, we will not vote for them. If you attend a town hall between now and Election Day, ask every candidate you see if they are willing to devote real resources to reducing homelessness. Every one of them will tell you that it is a difficult problem. If they stop there, and don’t propose concrete actions that will make a difference, actions that will be uncomfortable and require them to spend political capital and make rich donors angry, tell them that you are not voting for them.

13. NEWLinks of the Week
The Link of the Week provides in-depth pieces the Editor has found to be relevant, insightful, and thorough on important issues of the day.

I am making a departure from my usual “Links of the Week” today. I received an email recently asking about local broadcaster KOMO being owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Company. Sinclair is known for dictating conservative commentary be broadcast on their stations. Below are some links that describe the situation.

And here are two segments aired by John Oliver on “This Week Tonight”. Caution – bad language.


1. NEWNEARLY TIME FOR BACK TO SCHOOL! Watch out for the kiddies as you drive. First day of school by district:

  • Anacortes – Thursday, Sep 5
  • Burlington-Edison – Wednesday, Sep 4
  • Concrete – Wednesday, Sep 4
  • Conway – Tuesday, Sep 3
  • La Conner – Wednesday, Sep 4
  • Mount Vernon – Wednesday, Sep 4
  • Sedro-Woolley – Tuesday, Sep 3

2. NEWAlger Community Fun’raiser, Saturday, Aug 31, Alger Community Hall, 18735 Parkview Lane, Alger
“Bring the family and join us at the Alger Community Hall for our annual fundraising event. This year’s music is provided by Alger band “Just for Fun”. We have a beer garden, food vendors, produce and craft vendors, garage sales, bake sale, informational booths, and raffles.”

3. UPDATEDLabor Wars of the Northwest” Documentray Film, Wednesday, Sep 4, 5:45pm, Pickford Film Center, 1318 Bay Street, Bellingham
Tickets (available for purchase at the door or Click Here) are priced at $7 for the public, $5 for Pickford members and $3 for students with identification. Following the film, Pacific Northwest historian David Jepsen, who wrote and directed Labor Wars, and Conor Casey, Labor Archivist for the Labor Archives of Washington and Rosalinda Guillen, Executive Director of Community to Community Development, will lead a discussion on labor issues and answer audience questions.


1. Listen to We Do the Work, Tuesdays, 5:00pm, and Sundays, 5:30pm at KSVR, 91.7 FM or KSVU, 90.1 FM
A weekly local worker radio program that features news, interviews, music, and comments, “We Do the Work” believes American workers are at the heart of our economy and culture, deserving dignity, respect, and a decent family wage. To hear our other shows, go to We Do The Work Archives. Questions about interviews? Email – – We Do The Work’s program for Tuesday, Aug 27, 5:00pm and Sunday, Sep 1, 5:30pm – Hillary Haden, Executive Director of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition
Interview by Ken Winkes: Hillary gives an update on the current status of the USMCA Trade Agreement (NAFTA Point 2). For more information, go to or email to

We Do The Work Comments:

  • Minimum wage has been too low for too long.
  • Labor Wars of the Northwest is a new labor history documentary.

2. Listen to Speak Up! Speak Out! Radio
Listen to Speak Up! Speak Out! – a half hour weekly radio show committed to community, peace, justice, and non-violence issues – on KSVR, 91.7 FM in Mt. Vernon; KSVU, 90.1 FM in Hamilton. Airs Wednesday at 5:00pm on both, Thursday at 8:00am on KSVU and Sunday at 5:00pm for both. Our shows are available online. Stream or download a show at anytime. Interested in getting SUSO e-News? Contact

NEW – Speak Up, Speak Out! Wednesday, Aug 28, SPARC
Jerry Shacketts talks with Amanda Sloan, Executive Director of SPARC (Skagit Preschool And Resource Center) about the services provided to children in our community with severe physical, emotional, psychological, or developmental challenges. Website:

3. Coffee ‘n Cards
All are invited to drop in (for any length of time). Coffee ‘n Cards operates from 10:00am – 12:00pm each Monday at the Skagit Democrats Headquarters. Sending postcards to give a PoB (Pat on the Back), oppose/support a specific issue, or occasional SOY (Shame On You) to deserving individuals or groups is a positive way to react to the negative news from the Trump administration. Colorful postcards, pens and topic cards with addresses are provided, stamps sold 3/$1, and you bring your own coffee! Return address labels for your cards are timesavers. We have sent out an average of 50 cards per week, since the first of the year to local, state, and national lawmakers, government officials, individuals and groups. Tally: 2019 – 2118, grand total – 6,715.

NEW – Mount Vernon Councilmember Iris Carias will attend the first portion of Coffee ‘n Cards to discuss her recent volunteer visit to a Tijuana, Mexico migrant detention center, Monday, Aug 26, 10:00am

4. Anacortes Weekly Demonstrations
Do you have a cause or a candidate that you are passionate about? If yes, join us at the “protest corner” in Anacortes, 12th Street and Commercial Avenue (the Safeway Corner) EVERY Sunday from 12:00pm – 1:00pm – wet or sunny, hot or cold, all year around. Bring your own signs or use one of our extras.