A message from Jeff Mount, Chair, Skagit County Democrats

To All Skagit Dems:

The theme of our gala this June was “Everybody Votes.”  The premise behind that was simple:  higher turnout means more Democrats win.  The corollary to that is that when it’s time to vote, everybody votes.  That time is now.  There is a primary this Tuesday, August 6, and if you haven’t voted yet, your ballot is somewhere buried in that stack of mail on your kitchen counter.  Get your pen, fill it out, and send it in.  The state is covering the postage, so keep that stamp and use it to send your mom a birthday card.

Maybe you think you’re too busy to fill out your ballot.  Maybe there’s just a school board position and a city council race, and you don’t recognize any of the names.  Maybe it’s just a primary, so you can wait and see who gets past this week and then decide in November.

But maybe you should walk through the cemeteries in Arlington, Gettysburg, and Normandy and think about what those soldiers were willing to sacrifice so that you had a ballot to fill out, and then say that you’re too busy.

Maybe you should walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, and think about what people like John Lewis were willing to risk for the right to participate fully in the American dream, and then say that you haven’t gotten around to it.

Maybe you should go down to the southern border, and think about the people who are willing to walk hundreds of miles, and endure living in conditions that you wouldn’t put your dog through, just for a chance to have some of what we take for granted.

Maybe you should go to Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania, and find the Democrats who didn’t think voting mattered enough to show up in 2016.  Ask them if they still feel that way, after a hundred thousand no-shows in those states gave the election to Putin’s lackey.

There’s a football coach in the NFL that nobody likes, but he has a motto for his team that we should all remember:  Do Your Job.  If you haven’t turned in your ballot yet, you owe it to the candidates who have spent three months knocking on doors, to the kids who will live with the consequences of our votes, and to the people who have given more than we can even comprehend so that we have the right to fill out that ballot; to fill it out and turn it in.

Do your job.