A message from Jeff Mount, Chair, Skagit County Democrats

“This is the lesson we should take away from what was a bit of a surprising turn of events Tuesday afternoon at the county commissioners’ hearing room:  it’s not about who wins or loses, but about who steps up.  More than anything else, I walked out of the process to fill the vacancy for the State Senate seat in the 40th Legislative District impressed by the number of great people who have the passion, work ethic, leadership skills, and common sense to go to Olympia and make state government work the way it should. For us.

What happened Tuesday was wonderful, but it never would have happened if, six years ago, Liz Lovelett, our new State Senator, hadn’t cared enough about the city she lived in to step up and run for City Council.  As it happens, a collateral benefit of Liz’s victory is that Anacortes has a vacancy on its City Council.  That means an opportunity for someone else to step up.  One constant source of joy in being county chairperson is that I meet new people every day who are willing to put countless hours toward a cause that they believe in, for no other reward than solving a problem.  People who become PCOs, serve on planning commissions, or hold fundraisers, because they believe in something.  One of those people will step up and fill the vacancy on City Council, and they will be great, just like Senator Lovelett.

The downside of having so many great people willing to step up is that, sometimes, a wonderful person has to lose.  Whoever steps up to fill the vacancy on City Council or runs in one of the many other local races this fall can learn a lot from Kris Lytton, who embodies all of the qualities of a great public servant.  Kris has already spent eight years serving the 40th, with a record of integrity, graciousness, and effectiveness that we should all aspire to in whatever endeavor we undertake.

As Teddy Roosevelt said (in a time of less gender awareness), “The credit goes to the man who is actually in the arena, who strives valiantly, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, who, at the worst, fails while doing greatly.”  Kris Lytton could have continued to enjoy retirement.  She has done more than her share to make this state a better place to live, and she earned the chance to spend time with her family.  But she chose to step up, once again, to make sure the 40th was fully represented.  Sometimes stepping up ends in disappointment, but that doesn’t make it any less noble or worthy of our gratitude.”