Our Community Needs Their Emergency Medical Services (EMS)—We have one of the best in the state.

Let’s Keep it that Way!

*  Put Up a Yard Sign

*  Send a letter-to-the-editor

*  Tell your family, friends, neighbors to vote for Proposition No. 1

The EMS levy is up for renewal and will be on the August 7 primary ballot. Ballots are being mailed out July 18.
Ballots must be postmarked no later than August 7.

If you want a yard sign, send the Skagit County Paramedics a message with your address or leave a comment on their Facebook page, and a volunteer will deliver a sign to your home as soon as possible. https://www.facebook.com/skagitcountyparamedics/ or email Reece Williams at  l3427prc@yahoo.com.

#SKAGITEMSLEVY! #Paramedics, #Firefighters, and #EMTs !

Some of the reasons for the increase are the following:

> average 30% increase in call volume

> growing population

> aging population

> increase in costs for medical supplies and equipment

> decrease in reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid


SKAGIT COUNTY Proposition No. 1 Continuation of Emergency Medical Services Levy (Skagit County EMS System)
Countywide Ballot Measure:

  • Proposition No 1
  • Continuation of Emergency Medical Services Levy (Skagit County EMS System)
  • Board of Skagit Commissioners adopted Resolution R20180099 concerning continued funding of the countywide emergency medical services system: “Shall Skagit County be authorized to impose regular property tax levies of $0.44 or less per $1,000 of assessed valuation for collection in 2019 and for five consecutive years thereafter?”