Our sincere thanks to all our endorsed candidates for their willingness to serve our community and the campaigns they ran
Although all results have not yet been finalized, it takes special people committed to our community and ideals to run for local office and we want to recognize them regardless of outcome. Thank you!

  • Sarah Holahan (City of Anacortes, Council-at-Large, Position 4)
  • Anthony Young (City of Anacortes, Council-at-Large, Position 7)
  • Tonya Bieche (City of Burlington Council, Ward 4)
  • Melissa Beaton (City of Mount Vernon Council, Ward 3, Position 2)
  • Richard Brocksmith (City of Mount Vernon Council, Council-At-Large)
  • Iris Carías (City of Mount Vernon Council, Ward 1, Position 2)
  • Jorge Manzanera (City of Mount Vernon Council, Ward 2, Position 2)
  • Karl de Jong (City of Sedro-Woolley Council, Ward 6)
  • Germaine Kornegay (City of Sedro-Woolley Council, Ward 2)
  • Enrique Lopez-Cisneros (Sedro-Woolley School District No. 101, Director District 1)
  • Pamela Santangelo (Sedro-Woolley School District No. 101, Director District 4)
  • Steve Omdal (Port of Skagit, Commissioner Position 2)
  • Kathy Pittis (Port of Anacortes)
  • Jay Bowen (Skagit Hospital District 1, Position 5)
  • Rosemary Ryan (Fire District 14, Commissioner Position 2)
  • Tammy Lanphere Oommen (Sewer District 2, Commissioner Position 2)