Resolution Opposing the Kinder-Morgan Trans-Mountain Pipeline


WHEREAS the Kinder-Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline would bring 595,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil from Alberta to Vancouver, BC, to be shipped out through the Salish Sea between Washington and British Columbia, and


WHEREAS this shipping would increase the number of oil tankers in the area from 60 tankers per year to 676 tankers per year, and


WHEREAS such an increase unavoidably increases the likelihood of an accident leading to an oil spill in Salish Sea waters, and


WHEREAS the Vessel Traffic Risk Assessment determined that accident frequency could increase by 18% and that the risk of a 20,000 barrel or larger oil spill in 10 years in Canadian and American waters will increase by 700%, and


WHEREAS such a spill would have an enormous impact on Washington State’s $30 billion maritime economy which supports 148,000 jobs, and


WHEREAS the relatively heavy tar sands oil to be shipped from Kinder-Morgan facilities is far more difficult to clean up than the North Slope Crude spilled in the Exxon Valdez accident, and


Whereas the Coast Guard has specified that its technology is less sophisticated for cleaning up the tar sands oil when spilled, and


WHEREAS the clean-up cost of the 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill is over $1.2 billion and has rendered the River officially “unsafe to use”, and


WHEREAS the value of coastal properties in Washington State’s Skagit and San Juan Counties would be adversely affected by a spill of oil from shipping Kinder-Morgan oil,


WHEREAS 59 British Columbia Tribes and First Nations along with 22 local governments have voiced their opposition to the Kinder-Morgan project, and


WHEREAS the quality of life and the natural beauty and surroundings of the Puget Sound and Salish Sea areas is part of what drives Washington State tourism that generates more than $1.8 billion in local and state tax revenues annually.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Skagit County Democratic Party calls on our Democratic Delegation to the Washington State Legislature to oppose the Kinder-Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Project.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution will be forwarded to Jay Inslee, Governor, Washington State; Sharon Nelson, Senate Democratic Leader, Washington State; and Frank Chop, Speaker of the House, Washington State.