Decline to Sign Initiative I-1552 – Washington Won’t Discriminate

Protection from discrimination is on the line for our transgender family members, friends, and neighbors in Washington. Starting now, opponents of equality can begin collecting signatures as soon as today to qualify I-1552-a dangerous initiative that would repeal our state’s transgender non-discrimination law-for the ballot this November. But you can help right now keep discrimination off the ballot in Washington. Decline to Sign and add your name to the No on I-1552 campaign now.

Washington is better than this. We aren’t North Carolina. And we will not stand by as I-1552 threatens to turn back the clock in the state we love. Thousands of Washingtonians have already stepped up to say No on I-1552. Decline to Sign: Add your name to help stop I-1552. We’re going to fight this repeal initiative with everything we’ve got.