Compare/contrast: Public Lands Commissioner Race

  • Experience:
    • Hilary has 20 years of experience as a land-use attorney working in 2/3 of the counties in this state, protecting our shorelines, working forest, agricultural and range lands.
    • Her opponent has no professional land management or environmental background.
  • Government relations:
    • Hilary has been elected as a local government official, and has experience working with local, state, and federal agencies on local issues.
    • Her opponent has never been elected, and is on record in 2015 calling the Bureau of Land Management an organization of “bureaucratic terrorism”, generally, and also in reference to the now-imprisoned Hammond ranchers of Burns, Oregon, who he still supports.
  • Her opponent’s history of extremism:
    • Her opponent is publicly listed as recently as Dec 2015 as a board member of the Coalition of Western States, which was created to support the militant Bundy occupation of Nevada and Oregon. This affiliation has landed him on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch list of 2016. Her opponent has tried to distance himself from this organization, but has been featured by other radical far-right news organizations since.
  • Position on clean energy:
    • Hilary has pledged to move away from dirty fuel sources, and will not accept campaign donations from the coal industry.
    • Her opponent has received campaign funds from some of the most prominent proponents of the recently-defeated Cherry Point coal terminal, and has said if elected he “re-open” the Cherry Point coal terminal issue.

What Hilary will do in this position:


Hilary will bring 20 years of experience working in land-use issues across this state to the office of Public Lands Commissioner, with an emphasis on the dual importance of environmental responsibility and economic viability. Hilary pledges to fight fires both proactively and responsively, by investing in forest resiliency and by empowering local fire jurisdictions to more effectively fight fire in collaboration with state agencies. She will protect our working landscapes, and diversify public land revenues to create reliable funding for school construction. She will promote clean energy jobs and diminish our dependence on dirty energy sources. Finally, she will work to promote outdoor recreation opportunities, in order to connect future generations with our public lands.