The Mount Vernon School District is asking voters to approve a bond issue for school construction in an election February 9th. Since the last school bond was passed in 2001, the Mount Vernon School District has grown by 1,054 students and almost 800 more are expected by 2024. Growing enrollment is putting critical pressure on our aging and overcrowded school facilities. The proposed bond will fund projects that reduce overcrowding and build capacity. They will:

  • Rebuild a larger Madison School at its current location to reduce overcrowding and improve student and pedestrian safety.
  • Expand capacity and reduce overcrowding by building a new elementary school to replace Lincoln Elementary at a better and safer location just off of East Division near Skagit Highlands.
  • Upgrade the Old Main building on the high school campus to address safety issues and ensure its long term use.
  • Replace portables and reduce overcrowding on the high school campus with a 16 classroom Agriculture, Science and Technology building on the site of the old Agriculture Building.
  • Add classrooms to LaVenture Middle School to reduce middle school overcrowding and reliance on portable classrooms.

While estimated local costs for the completion of all projects is $106.4 million, careful analysis and bond planning have kept the proposed property tax increase to under six dollars a month for the owner of a Mount Vernon home of average assessed value ($250,000).