At the southern end of Big Lake is a special natural area called Lake Creek Wetlands. These high quality wetlands and forest are where Lake Creek enters Big Lake coming from Lake McMurray. For decades our community has wanted to protect these important wetlands and we now have the chance.

Skagit Land Trust, a local voluntary non-profit organization, has secured partial funding to purchase 67 acres of the wetlands and steward them as a Conservation Area. Read the recent Skagit Valley Herald article. We are now reaching out to those who love Big Lake to join us in forever conserving this essential place. Your support of Skagit Land Trust and the Big Lake Wetlands project will:

  • Preserve Big Lake’s unique and valuable natural heritage.
  • Provide essential habitat for fish, wildlife, and native plants.
  • Enable people today and into the future to experience nature close to home.

Skagit Land Trust has $45,000 remaining to raise by April 30, 2016 to ensure the Big Lake Wetlands will be saved and cared for well into the future.

See the website of the Skagit Land Trust for more information.

Source: Skagit Land Trust